7 Step Caterpillar Transformation Programme

At The Happy Caterpillar we know, through our own experience, that transforming your eating habits can be deeply challenging. We might have a vision of where we want to be and know the benefits of a cleaner healthier lifestyle but making it a reality can be difficult. We are faced not only with practical challenges – how to eat optimally at work, out with friends or living with others who don’t eat the same way – but also emotional challenges.

Whether you are looking to go vegetarian, vegan or eat more raw food, overcoming our previous habits and cravings and cleaning our body and mind can bring us closer to parts of ourselves that we never knew before. We believe this is all part of the process of achieving our greatest potential, becoming the beautiful butterflies that we are, but it can be an uncertain journey to take. That’s why we developed the 7 Step Caterpillar Transformation Programme to help you every step of the way and turn your dream into a reality, using the power of the chakras to integrate change at every level of your being.

Step 1 – Ground yourself in the present

Step 2 – Create your transformation

Step 3 – Build your power

Step 4 – Open your heart

Step 5 – Express yourself

Step 6 – Step into intuition

Step 7 – Step into spirit

You will receive specific tasks and guidance around these themes to help you on your way. At the same time you will transition your diet towards the way you want to eat at a pace that is realistic and achievable for you. We believe its possible to achieve your goal in as little as 7 weeks however we will only go as quickly as you can handle. The most important thing here is your long term success.

Over the course of the 7 Step Caterpillar Transformation Programme you will gain:

  • Your Caterpillar Food Diary specifically designed to help you become more aware of your eating habits including internal and external triggers
  • Your Caterpillar Food Plan which you will use to create, with our support, your vision for your new lifestyle
  • Lots of recipes to satisfy all your needs moving forwards
  • Weekly calls with K&D to help you progress every step of the way
  • Daily contact with K&D for any further support you might need
  • A new healthier lifestyle of your creation that lasts

You have the dream, now is the time to turn it into a reality. With our help you can change your relationship with food for good and unlock your higher potentials. So give it a try…

If you would like to try our 7 Step Caterpillar Transformation Program on a PAYF basis, please email us at rawsomethc@gmail.com with the subject ‘Coaching’ and we will send you further details and your pre-program questionnaire.