A Story of Transformation

The meaning of our lives can be found in the stories we tell. From moment to moment we drift, sometimes more aware than others. The details pass by often forgotten or undetected. But what we remember are the key moments — the ones that change us forever — and the characters that help reveal us to ourselves.

Sometimes we tell ourselves a sad story; a story of struggle that staggers to an unsatisfactory finale. We create the most fearsome foes to keep us from our goals, trapping ourselves in the highest towers, praying for rescue from a knight in shining armour we know deep down will never come.

But sometimes we choose to rewrite the script; realising the power of the pen in our fingertips, recreating our reality as we see fit. We have seen enough movies to see how it goes and know — without fear — that the challenges we meet will only serve to help us grow. The hero’s journey follows many roads but each ultimately leads closer to home; to the soul.

The classic children’s story The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a story of transformation. It tells the tale of a life that starts like most of us in an uncertain world, not knowing which way to go. For a long time we might find ourselves searching, trying to fill the holes we feel inside us, without really knowing how. Until we find that the answers we’ve been looking for have been inside ourselves all along; until we realise the great and unique potential that lies inside each of us and give ourselves the time we need to transform.

After a life in which we have experienced many ups and downs, we are delighted to say that we have reached a point that we truly believe in the power to manifest our dreams. And though we don’t know exactly what shape that might take in years to come, or expect the challenges to be over, we know that with love and positive focus we will get to where we are we are going — and enjoy the ride. We are no longer hungry caterpillars; we are The Happy Caterpillar.

As of 2017, we have decided the time is now to commit to this dream, do our best to live the lives we want to live day to day, and to share this journey with the world. We hope you find inspiration from our story and that it helps you to write your own fairytale too.

From the smallest starts
Come the greatest things
Like the caterpillar
Unfurls its wings
Look inside
And realise your dreams

Be all you can be
K & D

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