Anatomy of the Spirit

Author: Caroline Myss, PH.D.

This book felt like it landed on my lap by the universe, god, some sort of divineness. I didn’t even know this book existed, or that I needed it, but for some reason when the book popped up on my screen I felt like I should purchase it.

Dr Caroline Myss’s journey in finding her way into the medical intuitive field she is in now was such an interesting read. Her skill, being able to diagnose illness (sometimes just by hearing someone speak), explores the links between spiritual and emotional stress.

Anatomy of the Spirit not only go into detail the area of diseases we obtain due to specific emotional burden we carry; connecting the mind, body and spirit on another level, but it also highlights the seven chakras. Understanding the ‘Seven Sacred Truths’ as Myss puts it, will give you a lot of a-ha moments, making you realise that there’s so much more to energy than we can perceive.

This is a great book with self-examination questions that will help you identify the blockages that may be slowing you down or even harming you or your love ones.

A highly recommended read, especially if you have any form of illness you need to heal from, but also for those who think they don’t need any healing whatsoever πŸ™‚

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