Liberty Farm

Author: Dean Biddulph

Sci fi fans, this book is for you! (And even if you aren’t a sci fi fan this book will take you to places you can’t even imagine.)

Liberty Farm is a lucid page-turner, I couldn’t put the book down even when I wanted to. There were elements in the story that are so profound and thought provoking; it makes you think what kind of world we could be living in in the future if a contagion was to destroy normality and we were controlled by a futuristic world full of advanced technology… Hmm sounds familiar? 

The Liberty Farm world is so creatively futuristic, your imagination will run wild! Not only is it a fun read, the story itself is mind blowing.

A fantastic book full of interesting, out of this world ideas but maybe a solution to what’s potentially to come…

“All things may not be as they seem.
And so tonight I lucid dream.”

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