The Mastery Of Love

Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

One of my favourite books I’ve read this year! I couldn’t put the book down and read it within 4-5 days! The Mastery of Love gave me many different perspectives to view my life according to how I see myself and my relationships.

The book relays how we are wounded emotional beings. Wounded people wound people. We are beings of habit, sometimes doing things unconsciously. When we are brought up in a world that doesn’t favour us we act and behave in a way to protect ourselves as an automation because we have been hurt before and we are afraid it will happen again.

Ruiz, using Toltec’s insights, highlights the ways love helps heal us from these emotional wounds and if we get out of the wound-box we put ourselves in we are not only helping ourselves but also the people around us and our relationships.

I absolutely love the prayer chapter at the end; a section that allows you to go within – to reach your heart space by taking a moment for yourself to open your heart and pray. This chapter brings the book round to completion – the idea that it really is in our hands to let love heal and for us to be healed from it if we take action and decide for it to do so.

β€œIf we have awareness, we have the opportunity to heal our emotional body, our emotional mind, and stop the suffering.”

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