Awakening: D’s Story

It was towards the end of my time at university that I first really began to open my mind and heart to the interconnectedness of the universe around me and start to question my ethical impact on the world. If, in the words and spirit of Bill Hicks and Bob Marley, we were indeed all one consciousness, one love, and it was so obviously wrong for any man to try to subjugate another, surely this morality should also extend to all animals? It was then that the idea to potentially become vegetarian or vegan — maybe some day — first crossed my mind, but it was nothing more than an intellectual ideal at the back of my brain. I had started to think about the world differently, but not differently enough to make such a drastic change to my behaviour.

It was not until around three years later that I gained the first real inclination to move in this direction. In the intervening time I had completed my studies and had made a pretty successful start to my professional career. But away from work I was still living the lifestyle of (while living with) a student; overindulgent and careless with regards to my health, finances and practical responsibilities — leading to excessive household bills, unnecessary stress and an altogether messy quality of life. I was also dealing with a traumatic health issue in the family. I needed greater balance to manage the challenges I was facing.

It was then that I discovered the law of attraction. At the end of a hard week I stumbled upon a video by Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst who would live up to her nickname to inspire significant change in my awareness from then on. It explained how the stresses I had been experiencing were reflections of myself and exposed me to a deeper understanding of how I was creating my reality on a daily basis. Everything clicked. I immediately cleared the air with my housemate following some recent household squabbles before reflecting and writing until the early hours of the morning; the next day I was invited to an unexpected party in which I was able to connect with strangers more confidently than ever, before enjoying quality time with my family on the Sunday. I can’t describe how many synchronicities I experienced or how great I felt. As the weekend closed I was realistic enough to recognise the feeling wouldn’t last forever, but I had had a taste of a higher consciousness. I made the commitment then to really improve myself and start living my life as consciously as I could.

Within a few months I manifested a dream of many years in the making; to go to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup — the trip of a lifetime and the furthest I had ever been from home. It was on this holiday I decided to have my last drink of alcohol, something that I had enjoyed casually for many years but was no longer feeling attracted to. Immediately after my return I moved back with the family and helped us to overcome some difficult times. I started to learn more about the law of attraction, meditation and how veganism might be a desirable and achievable goal. Six months later I manifested a beautiful new home, the first that I would live in completely alone, that was exactly what I wanted as my centre from which to create a new life. I stocked my perfect new kitchen with only plant ingredients, started learning recipes and immediately embarked on my new vegan lifestyle. Having made the shift directly from eating meat with no transition through vegetarianism I didn’t know what to expect or how long I would last. The truth is the transition was easier and more enjoyable than I ever imagined. I have never looked back.

As of the start of 2018 I have been vegan for three years and alcohol-free for three and a half. In the last two years I have been exploring more raw food and fasting, two concepts that were alien to me up until very recently, and am now committed to continuing this process of cleansing to allow the light of my life to shine as bright as possible. I feel more in touch with my body and my soul than ever before and can feel myself continuing to grow in all aspects. Above all, I have attracted my soul mate K to enjoy this journey with and together we now begin to share the next stage of our journey with you.

It is amazing how quickly things turn around and miracles come your way when you commit to creating the best life you can for yourself. Challenges that once seemed like intellectual ideals or faraway fantasies can become as easy as learning to ride a bike, if only you yourself are willing to go on the ride. Whether you have a goal to become vegetarian, vegan or simply healthier and happier every day, the most important thing is to believe. Open your heart and trust the universe to show you the way.

Love, D.

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