Natural Skin Care Routine

Hey guys! Let’s talk skin.

The skin is our largest organ with many microorganisms that live on it. This skin microbiome benefits your skin whether you see it or not. So, when we use any sort of un-natural cleaning/washing skin products it will remove these microbiome and make your skin dryer and less vibrant and quite possibly unhealthy.

The best thing to do for your skin and in particular your face, is to keep it as simple as possible. Just wash it with water. Let your skin do what it naturally does by leaving it alone. Your skin will thank you for it and you will definitely thank your skin.

You can also help your skin look and feel more revitalised by eating hydrating and nourishing foods. You are what you eat. Literally. Our cells renew all the time and it would help if we had a good source of energy it can pull from. But our body has the natural ability to exfoliate dead skin with healthy ones on a frequent cycle anyways, so don’t worry about it too much.

Natural Moisturiser

Even though I don’t use anything to clean my face, I do use moisturiser, especially in the morning to give my skin an extra boost of hydration.

There are two types of moisturisers I use and they are both oils:
• Coconut Oil
• Sea Buckthorn Oil


You may have heard of coconut oil, it is widely used. Coconut oil help strengthens the skin moisture barrier which keeps the skin looking hydrated and it can help protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

Sea buckthorn oil maybe less heard of. Sea buckthorn is very high in nutrition as it is made from berries. It is very high in vitamin E and is the only plant source that is a complete omega family (containing omega 3, 6, 7 and 9). Because of how powerful this extract is, it is used for anti-ageing and combating acne. But just be careful, some oils make your skin appear orange, which is obviously washable, and may be a good natural way to give yourself a bit of a tan.

I hope this blog has helped you recognise that your skin and body are intelligent living organisms that is self-healing and beautiful the way it is. Natural products are the way to go if you do need a bit of skin nourishment and make sure you nourish yourself from the inside too.

Until next time, stay tuned in.
Much love x