Emotional Eating, Fasting & Balance

The clocks have gone back an hour; it is dark when I wake up and the sun only peeks out to give us a wave from time-to-time. Winter has definitely arrived. I don’t function well with the cold; my hands and feet are often cold even in summer so this is definitely a hibernation season for me.

In saying that, I still like to break my fast most mornings with a melon. Melons are one of the most hydrating fruits with 90-92% water content. Due to it’s amazing hydration I have to wear at least two jumpers whilst eating it in this weather #melonshivers. This does make me consider eating fruits that are in season, but I love melons a bit too much so it’s a sacrifice I like to take.

Last weekend, I went on a short fast (about 43 hours) to allow my body to cleanse from the previous weeks of – not optimally – eating. Winter definitely brings me the craving for warm food and I have been binging on cooked food as if I was going to hibernate for a couple of winters!

But the best thing about fasting is that it resets your body by cleaning out rubbish that’s clogging you up. I know it’s time to fast when I start feeling mucus building and the mucus is built by the unnatural and processed food you input into your body. These bloody culprits!

I am a massive emotional eater so these bad boys comfort zone me big time! But life is a rollercoaster and it is about learning through these down journeys to really enjoy the ups in life. It seems to be an on-going journey for me, as with most things, when emotions are connected with an action it is a shadow we need to integrate to release them, so that we are not tied down and can regain control. But when we don’t recognise the core reason for our emotions it is hard to integrate and I think this is where fasting really helps.

Fasting allows you to become at peace with all feelings and emotions that come up. It will be challenging at first because your body is releasing negative emotions but the longer you fast I feel like your mind, body and soul becomes aligned – balanced.

Balance is key. Even through the short fasting period I have just undertaken, I trust in myself to maintain this balanced alignment through my daily activities and I believe this will support me in where I want to take my mind, body and soul – to reach my highest potential.

I like educating myself with information that can tap and pull my consciousness up to another level. Recently, I have been re-educating myself with Dr Sebi’s knowledge about akaline foods. But as much as I like listening to Dr Sebi, fundamentally it is about applying this knowledge to my own life.

I feel a shift, I feel balanced and I would like to share this journey with you.

P.S. If you don’t know about Dr Sebi you must check him out!

Thank you for reading till the end! If you would like to share your journey please get in touch with me 🙂