Our Story

The Happy Caterpillar soul mates K&D grew up in separate cities in the North of England. D grew up in Manchester, while K grew up in a Vietnamese household in Leeds. In 2012, a mysterious force moved D across the pennines but it was another three years before they met.

In 2015, K&D finally met (in this lifetime) and quickly fell in love. K had been vegetarian for several years already, but after meeting D – who had gone vegan six months earlier, with no vegetarian transition – she too soon committed to a fully plant-based lifestyle. Check our blog to read more.

Food has been a significant part of our lives, before and after meeting (as we believe it is for everybody) and we soon started to dream up a place, and a world, where everyone can eat healthily, happily and unlock their highest potential. We started to experiment with raw food, learning a lot and overcoming many of our emotional attachments to food, and decided to share it with the world.


In 2018, we left our previous 9-5 office jobs and set out in our campervan Neo (the One who took us out of the Matrix) and put on a wide variety of raw vegan supper clubs, stalls, talks and workshops across the UK. Check out our events page to find out more.

From summer 2019, we will be taking our adventure to Vietnam, where we will be teaching English and hope to develop our skills to teach others, and be inspired by the beautiful food and culture. You can follow us through our blog and social media.

Our goal for the future is to create our own cafe and community in which as many people as possible can transform and unlock their highest potential, through rawsome vegan catering, coaching and creativity.