Raw Vegan

Why Vegan?

The Happy Caterpillar founders K & D have been vegan since 2016 and 2015 respectively, K having been vegetarian for several years beforehand, and D having dived right in from eating everything! This has been a transformational experience for us both and we want to share the benefits of plant based living with the world. In summary, there are three main reasons to go vegan:


As well as the death involved in meat production, there is also massive suffering involved in the dairy and egg industries.


The meat and dairy industries create massive waste and have a bigger impact on global warming than all the cars in the world.


A vegan diet has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes as well as improving all round health & wellbeing.


Why Raw?

The Happy Caterpillars K & D have been moving gradually towards a raw lifestyle since becoming vegan, and while we still enjoy the occasional cooked treat we have learnt that raw living food really is the best for our bodies and our beings.

Plants are packed with nutrients that are destroyed by cooking, which wastes a lot of the goodness that should be gained from eating.

Plants also contain natural enzymes that aid digestion. These are destroyed by cooking, meaning your body has to work harder.

Raw food is living food and it also tastes great! We’re sure you will be energised and satisfied by the dishes we provide or make yourself.

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